About J.M.H. Creative Solutions

J.M.H. Creative Solutions is a service owned and operated by me, Jennifer M. Hollowell. The mission behind J.M.H. Creative Solutions is to aid those non-writers who have a book in them, provide help for self-published authors and deliver resources for any type of writer.

I’ve has been in business for over five years now, but only recently compiled all services and talent into one venue. I make it my goal to meet each author’s needs on an individual basis in an effort to achieve their goals.

For as long as anyone can remember, my passions have been focused around the written word and creativity. By harnessing this love for the craft, my ability to give it my all in the business world doesn’t prove the least bit challenging. Few can honestly say they love their profession; I am able to speak the truth in this regard.

I’ve been freelance writing for ten years. In 2003, I put writing on the back-burner and didn’t realize that decision would have such an impact on my career as a whole. As part of 2004’s business plan, I’m making it my goal to create quality content on a regular basis to interested parties. Click here to view my clip file.

In my spare time (um, what’s that?), I’m an active member of an artist’s community and I create handcrafted journals (and, in the future, other pieces of art) to sell on eBay.

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