Here is what you didn’t know about intracal

Keeping healthy has been made easy. This is with the discovery of a supplement that penetrates the cell membrane and delivers the nutrients. Intracal has been defined as a high quality ororate of calcium and magnesium. The orotic acid mineral salts which make up the ororates, are used by the body to make RNA and DNA. The ororates also have 90 vegetarian capsules. Beyond this easier penetration, the ororates offer a number of benefits according to Dr. Hans Nieper which includes:

High absorption

intracal_1It provides calcium in an absorbable form. It is believed to help transport vitamins and minerals in an easy way. This is because any mineral in this form is believed to penetrate cell membranes without disintegrating. Therefore it will get to the parts where it is most needed like tissues, cartilage and joints. The skeleton is also enhanced to undergo recalcification.

Intracal ferries calcium easily to the bones. This is because of the unique molecular structure. In this case it helps promote high amount of calcium in bones and thus enhance their growth and cell health. With this, the bone strength is enhanced and the nervous system is well regulated. It also helps in muscle development by these two minerals.

Magnesium benefits

The magnesium in it helps in quick absorption of calcium by the bones. It is used in promoting the health of the cardiovascular system. It also promotes a relaxed mood and an improved blood pressure. Magnesium is also quite important as it help push the calcium further in a cell. This helps reach parts where it is dearly needed like the bones, cardiovascular systems and the brain.

Benefits over other calcium supplements

At first, the orotate is a vegetable capsule. Therefore it is easily utilized by the skeleton. This is unlike other supplements which are not absorbed easily by the body. The types which are less absorbed include; calcium phosphate, gluconate, malate, carbonate and citrate. Proven tests have shown that for these supplements, only less than 10% is absorbed for utilization. This places intracal ahead of the rest in the market.

Pure content

Itracal is made by approved experts in USA and thus it has no GMO content. Also it is free of toxins and gluten. Therefore the intake is a sure way of no effects but a sure way to health.

Recommended use

This is a vital supplement and should be taken with the consultation of a health practitioner. This is for those who are nursing babies, pregnant or other health concerns. However, it is has been common to take 2 or 3 capsules a day. Also the GHC Intracal bottle which contains 90 capsules should be kept out of children reach.


It is composed of magnesium and calcium orotate, kosher certified vegetarian capsule and Opti-MSM. For calcium orotate it penetrates cells membranes and ensures proper delivery of calcium to the cell. It has been identified as the most effective supplement. Magnesium orotate helps secure the health of a person by being highly absorbable. The Opti-MSM is a potent antioxidant enhancer. It is believed to resist oxidative damage and also swelling.

In conclusion, the intracal has been labeled as a success because of the many benefits offered. Therefore doctors and patients have grown in confidence when it comes to Intracal.

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