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What Is And Where To Find Provillus A-Z

Provillus is a supplement that can be used for many different areas of a person’s life. The first reason why this type of supplement has come into being is for dietary reasons. There are Provillus diet pills that have been proven to work over and over again, and people were able to lose weight in a reasonable amount of time, and the weight stayed off of them until this day.
The price of this product can range from twenty dollars to fifty dollars; this is considered cheap, seeing that provillus has compared with some of the best diet pills or products ever to come into existence. Many people have loved this product because of the amazing results it has produced. This product is award winning, and it has changed many, many lives in a short period of time. Purchasing this product is worth it.
Another reason why this supplement has been used is for people who have trouble with hair loss. People have used this product, and instantly they stopped losing hair; furthermore, they started growing it back.
provillus2This product can be found everywhere online with a quick search of it in any search engine. The sites that these search engines produce should be visited. All of these websites contain reviews, and these reviews are from real individuals who have purchased the product. Potential customers have the ability to leave messages for these previous buyer, and receive messages, too.
The most popular place to find Provillus would be through word of mouth. Talk to people in the local neighborhood, friends, and family. Find out who has purchased this product in the recent past. It is important to speak with as many different individuals as possible, because all of these people will have a different source to which they purchased this product.
The next thing to do is visit local health stores. These health stores may have specials and some health stores will have certain varieties of this product.
One more place to find Provillus is online. There are many websites that sell products, and Provillus is not a stranger to them. A great thing about these sites is that Provillus can be found used. All this consists of is an individual who purchased Provillus or received it as a gift, and they have no use for it. This is the best case scenario, because a customer is receiving a brand new product at a used cost. If you are interested of more information regarding this product you can find on the pages of
These are the main qualities that make up the product provillus. These are all true and correct. These words have been tried and proven to be true over and over again.
The routes mentioned in here on how to find the product are also great methods; they have been used by many individuals, and these people have become very successful on the road to find this product. Great results have also come from people who have tried every single method, because this gives every single individual a better chance at finding exactly what they need.

Welcome to J.M.H. Creative Solutions

J.M.H. Creative SolutionsGreetings writers and readers!

Thank you for stopping by J.M.H. Creative Solutions. There’s a lot changing around here, so be sure to check back often. The whole scope, look and feel of J.M.H. Creative Solutions is “under construction” for a variety of reasons. The number one reason being that I’d like to provide a better “resource center” for writers no matter what stage of the game they’re in. Here’s some of the new and exciting changes you can expect over the next thirty days or so:

Book reviews: Do you have a book that needs to be reviewed? While books covering “writing” would be ideal, most any other subject and genre (excluding books containing pornography, cruelty to women, cruelty to animals and other types of violence) will be accepted. A more detailed set of submission guidelines will be made available in the very near future. In the meantime, books and materials can be sent to:
J.M.H. Creative Solutions
Book Review Submission
488 Alexander Reed Rd.
Richmond, ME 04357

All reviews will be posted to this site, (if the book is available through and to targets specific to the subjects covered in the book. Remember, sending in a book will not guarantee a review. Sending a query prior to submissions is a good idea, but it isn’t required.

Articles: eventually, the goal here is to become a paying market. Building a database of articles covering what’s most frequently asked is what’s being pushed for. If you have reprints or “free articles” you’d like to submit with a brief bio and link, feel free to email them as a .wpd or .doc attachment. (Links to the article(s) is also acceptable so long as they’re posted in a format that can be copied and pasted without much hassle.) More detailed submission guidelines will be made available in the next thirty days.

Books: each page of this site contains specific books — eventually, these books will also be made available in a “store” section. Stay tuned.

Resources: The Author Tool Box will be continuously updated. If you have something that you’d like linked to this section, pass a note along to me and I’ll add it during the next update. Please only pass information along that fits in with the categories listed.

Advertising: This idea is being tossed back and forth. It may or may not come to light — we’ll see.

Newsletter: All the information contained on this site will (finally) be compiled into a bi-weekly newsletter. Until then, the editorials and updates will be posted to the main page as it is now.

Forum: Previously, this site contained a very in-active forum. Bringing it back is under consideration.

Contests: J.M.H. Creative Solutions would like to hold contests for writers. Like everything else, the details will be posted in the next thirty days. If you have items you’d like to donate as a way of promoting your product or service, please send a query or send materials to:
J.M.H. Creative Solutions
Contest Donation
488 Alexander Reed Rd.
Richmond, ME 04357

Donations “must” be a tangible item that can either be downloaded (e-book, software, etc.) or held in your hand (book, organizer, etc.).

Team members: I’ve been in touch with some very talented individuals who have expressed interest in being part of the J.M.H. team. Soon, the “About Us” section will contain bio pages for each person as they come aboard. Each person has their own specialty that will further add to the value of this endeavor.

Announcements: A page for this is already constructed. It’ll be linked once current writer-related announcements are sent in.
I think I’ve covered everything. (this section will also act as a way for me to keep all these changes organized) Feedback is always appreciated — positive and negative — so, don’t be shy. If there’s something that you believe would be valuable and it’s missing from here, pass a note along. If you see something that you think doesn’t fit, don’t be afraid to let me know about that, too.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy creating!

Jennifer Hollowell
J.M.H. Creative Solutions

About J.M.H. Creative Solutions

J.M.H. Creative Solutions is a service owned and operated by me, Jennifer M. Hollowell. The mission behind J.M.H. Creative Solutions is to aid those non-writers who have a book in them, provide help for self-published authors and deliver resources for any type of writer.

I’ve has been in business for over five years now, but only recently compiled all services and talent into one venue. I make it my goal to meet each author’s needs on an individual basis in an effort to achieve their goals.

For as long as anyone can remember, my passions have been focused around the written word and creativity. By harnessing this love for the craft, my ability to give it my all in the business world doesn’t prove the least bit challenging. Few can honestly say they love their profession; I am able to speak the truth in this regard.

I’ve been freelance writing for ten years. In 2003, I put writing on the back-burner and didn’t realize that decision would have such an impact on my career as a whole. As part of 2004’s business plan, I’m making it my goal to create quality content on a regular basis to interested parties. Click here to view my clip file.

In my spare time (um, what’s that?), I’m an active member of an artist’s community and I create handcrafted journals (and, in the future, other pieces of art) to sell on eBay.

Services, Pricing Structure & Guidelines

Submit your manuscript for a free evaluation! (This will determine both time frame and total cost of the project. J.M.H. Creative Solutions never invoices for more than the original quote!)

.: FULL PUBLICITY AND REPRESENTATION: Depending on how aggressive the author wishes to be, there’s a standard $750.00 to $1,500.00 retainer per month with an average three month campaign. These fees are significantly lower than the industry standard. J.M.H. Creative Solutions focuses heavily on Internet/Print marketing and publicity as it is the most enduring in terms of a consistent tangible reference. Please contact with specific questions and an agreement will be forwarded outlining the scope of work once a decision is made.

.: MANUSCRIPT EDITING: Trust over twenty years of combined experience when making your decision to choose J.M.H. Creative Solutions for your editing needs. My team of editors are top-notch in this industry and were hand selected to meet the needs of both new and established authors. Fees are set based upon the complexity of the project starting at $40.00 per hour and not exceeding $60.00 per hour. The preferred delivery format is in MS Word (attachment or diskette), but hard copies are also acceptable.

.: GHOSTWRITING: (Taken Directly from Writer’s Market: How Much Should I Charge?)

Ghostwriting, as told to: This is writing for a celebrity or expert either for a self-published book or for a publisher. Author gets full advance plus 50 percent of royalties, typically $15,000/low, $25,000 high/project plus a percentage of ownership and ‘with’ credit line. Hourly rates for subjects who are self-publishing are $25 low, $55 mid-range, $85 high/hour; $125 low, $175 high/book page. In Canada, author also gets full advance and 50 percent of royalties or $10,000-20,000 flat fee per project. Research time is charged extra.

Ghostwriting, no credit: Projects may include writing for an individual planning to self publish or for a book packager, book producer, publisher, agent or corporation. Rates range from $5,000 very low, $15,000 low, $25,000 mid-range, $50,000 high/project (plus expenses) per project; packagers pay flat fee or combination of advance plus royalties. For self-published clients, ask for one-fourth down payment, one-fourth when book is half-finished, one-fourth at the three-quarters mark and one-fourth upon completion.

.: BOOK REVIEWS: J.M.H. Creative Solutions will be accepting books for review starting February of 2004. You may contact any one of the reviewers listed here at any time to see if they’re schedule is clear for submissions. (Note: this section is still being updated.) There is no charge for book reviews generated through J.M.H. Creative Solutions.