ProExtender – how to maintain your erection

Erectile dysfunction affects invariably, every man at some point in life. To maintain penis in good condition requires that man a few steps to protect their ability to have an erection.

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2. Care to nutrition

A poor diet over a period of time, may favor the occurrence of erectile dysfunction and thus unable to put a man to have an erection.

Usually, food style that favor cardiovascular problems and blood circulation so can lead to poor blood supply to the penis. If the penis does not get enough blood when sexual stimulation, can not become erect, as for a good erection requires a considerable influx of blood.

To ensure good blood circulation in the body, and thus the male sexual organ, to avoid diets that involve eating lots of fatty foods, fried and processed foods. This slows blood flow. A healthy diet for the heart, and the penis should include more vegetables and fruits, foods as close to their natural state, so unprocessed, low in fat and fried foods at all.

3. Maintaining normal body weight

Men were already overweight or obese or develop over time in most cases, diabetes mellitus type II. This condition is manifested by nerve damage in the skin, including the penis, so that the sensitivity decreases sexual organ. It’s a chain reaction: overweight or obesity, followed by diabetes, followed by the gradual destruction of the nerves in the skin, followed by erection problems or the inability to have an erection.

4. Attention to blood pressure and cholesterol

High blood cholesterol and high blood pressure damage blood vessels, including those that may blood to the penis when sexual stimulation and helps erection. Attention! There must be, necessarily, fat to have high cholesterol, which is why regular medical tests are done well to contain factors that can affect health.

5. Consumption of alcohol moderately or not at all

Although a glass of wine help often induction condition suitable for a night of passion, regular alcohol consumption, often in large quantities, and periods of abstinence followed by days of harmful bacchanalian debauchery ability to have an erection. Excessive alcohol consumption affects the liver, can destroy nerves and unbalanced balance sex hormones, all of which can cause erectile dysfunction.

6. Regular physical exercises

We already know that people who exercise regularly are healthier and fitter than sedentary and sedentary life favors the emergence of sexual dysfunction. Running, swimming or other aerobic exercise helps prevent erection problems.

7. Anabolic steroids

These substances often used by athletes and bodybuilders lead to shrinking testicles that produce less and less testosterone. Too little testosterone make erection impossible.

8. Not smoke

Smoking affects blood vessels and obstruct blood flow to the penis. Nicotine causes blood vessels to contract, thus hindering blood flow to the penis.

9. Beware of dangerous sex

Some cases of erectile dysfunction appear amid accidents happen during sex. For this reason, men should take care when you have sex, not to bend the penis in position even uncomfortable, let alone painful, to ensure that the woman’s vagina is well lubricated when penetration and be careful “not to Besides giving “, not suffering any accident.

10. Reducing Stress

Beyond nutrition, hygiene, addictions or sexual practices, a man who loves his erection must spare mentally. In other words, do everything possible to reduce the level of stress experienced. Psychological stress suddenly increases secretion of adrenaline, which causes blood vessels to contract. Thus, blood flow is impeded. Basically, anything a man can do to be more calm, more relaxed feel welcome to the functioning of the penis.

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