Services, Pricing Structure & Guidelines

Submit your manuscript for a free evaluation! (This will determine both time frame and total cost of the project. J.M.H. Creative Solutions never invoices for more than the original quote!)

.: FULL PUBLICITY AND REPRESENTATION: Depending on how aggressive the author wishes to be, there’s a standard $750.00 to $1,500.00 retainer per month with an average three month campaign. These fees are significantly lower than the industry standard. J.M.H. Creative Solutions focuses heavily on Internet/Print marketing and publicity as it is the most enduring in terms of a consistent tangible reference. Please contact with specific questions and an agreement will be forwarded outlining the scope of work once a decision is made.

.: MANUSCRIPT EDITING: Trust over twenty years of combined experience when making your decision to choose J.M.H. Creative Solutions for your editing needs. My team of editors are top-notch in this industry and were hand selected to meet the needs of both new and established authors. Fees are set based upon the complexity of the project starting at $40.00 per hour and not exceeding $60.00 per hour. The preferred delivery format is in MS Word (attachment or diskette), but hard copies are also acceptable.

.: GHOSTWRITING: (Taken Directly from Writer’s Market: How Much Should I Charge?)

Ghostwriting, as told to: This is writing for a celebrity or expert either for a self-published book or for a publisher. Author gets full advance plus 50 percent of royalties, typically $15,000/low, $25,000 high/project plus a percentage of ownership and ‘with’ credit line. Hourly rates for subjects who are self-publishing are $25 low, $55 mid-range, $85 high/hour; $125 low, $175 high/book page. In Canada, author also gets full advance and 50 percent of royalties or $10,000-20,000 flat fee per project. Research time is charged extra.

Ghostwriting, no credit: Projects may include writing for an individual planning to self publish or for a book packager, book producer, publisher, agent or corporation. Rates range from $5,000 very low, $15,000 low, $25,000 mid-range, $50,000 high/project (plus expenses) per project; packagers pay flat fee or combination of advance plus royalties. For self-published clients, ask for one-fourth down payment, one-fourth when book is half-finished, one-fourth at the three-quarters mark and one-fourth upon completion.

.: BOOK REVIEWS: J.M.H. Creative Solutions will be accepting books for review starting February of 2004. You may contact any one of the reviewers listed here at any time to see if they’re schedule is clear for submissions. (Note: this section is still being updated.) There is no charge for book reviews generated through J.M.H. Creative Solutions.

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