What is a face lift?

We live in a restless world and we are becoming more concerned about everyday problems that we must solve quickly. We spend a lot of time at work or in traffic and not infrequently happens to eat on the run, on the way to a new appointment or meeting, or other things. Unfortunately, all this does not go without to leave their mark on our body and, in particular, on the face.

revitolWe must not forget that the skin on the face is very sensitive and, unfortunately, is the most exposed to daily attacks coming from external agents such as wind, germs, bacteria, toxic gases. In these circumstances, it is extremely important to know how to take facial skin care, but also to make time for it.

Daily cleaning of the skin or our routine, peaceful sleep and using a moisturizing cream may be the most effective weapons of a woman who wants to keep their skin radiant and luminous. Like any weapon, however, they have a limited “lifetime”, which guarantees optimal results. Thus, after a certain age, you need to appeal to a new generation of “weapons” more effective in skin elasticity and freshness. I am referring to that numerous plastic surgery and procedures. Among them, face lift continues to be among the most popular interventions.

Before resorting to this surgical procedure, you should know that it is recommended for women aged between 45 and 50 years. Of course, age is not necessarily a condition, but should be noted that recourse to facelift when the skin imperfections can not be repaired with chemical peeling.

What exactly is face lift?

It is that radical surgical solution, which can successfully remove signs that betray your age. In other words, people who resort to this procedure will look younger by up to 10 years, since it involves removing or reducing deeper wrinkles, and creating a well-defined jaw line.

Candidates and ideal candidates for a face lift are those who are not happy with their skin on the face and who want to have a younger looking skin in a short time. Face lift is the perfect solution to get rid of skin aging, tired skin (if we can say this way) and lacking of brightness. But before resorting to this procedure, I recommend everyone a meeting with your plastic surgeon to make sure that face lift is the right solution for their needs.

But before proceeding to lift itself, try something at home as natural as possible and something that can replace surgery. Try Revitol Phytoceramides cream that does miracles to your skin. According to reviews, Revitol make your skin look young and elastic, beautiful, smooth, increase the levels of collagen in the skin dead cells replace with new and young cells, removes wrinkles and even those deepest expression lines.

It is necessary to have a balanced life and use sunscreen with UV protection factor.

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